Is Prozac an Effective Medication for Treatment of Depression?

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The answer is not that simple. There is a large armentarium of antidepressant medications. So to discuss a panacea would not be a very good idea. There a few considerations when choosing a medication:

  1. Cause of your depression (hypothyroidism, cancer, etc.)
  2. Failed trials of other antidepressnts
  3. Side-Effect profile and your personal tolerability
  4. co-morbid illnesses (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  5. Age of the patient
  6. Insurance Coverage

Please know that listed above are just a few points to ponder before starting a medication. However, be sure that you are evaluated by a licensed MEDICAL practitioner. Please be advised, psychologists are NOT medical professionals. Therefore, their knowledge can or will be limited when it comes to the physiological effects of medications in the body. With this, if you are in therapy, have your therapist (if not a physician) to refer you to the appropriate medical professional for a consultation.

Have the physician to share with you the risks and benefits of the medication he wants to prescribe to you. If he does not ask for your signature on an INFORMED CONSENT DOCUMENT, run like HELL!!! Physicians are required to maintain evidence of this process in their medical records.

Did your physician share several options for treatment before starting your medication? Do you recall signing an Informed Consent Document before you started that last antibiotic? Is your physician a good doctor? How do you see healthcare in America?

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