Pitfalls of Being in the Wrong Type of Relationships: Part II


This happens both intentionally and without planning. Make sure that if there is pre-marital sex there is latex (I mean a condom).  Also, make sure that a new marriage is strong enough for a new addition.  Newborn babies should not be the casualties in the wars between adults.  Oftentimes, this becomes the case in bitter divorces and separations.

Alcoholism and other Substance Abuse/Dependence

Americans tend to use alcohol and illicit substances to deal with their problems.  This method of escape only works for a little while and is not an effective way of handling any problem.  In fact, it often exacerbates the problems and makes it that much harder to heal a wounded relationship.


This is the ultimate sacrifice of a bad relationship.  Divorce is more common than many would think.  Unfortunately, it has also become an accepted form of resolution in faulty relationships.   Almost 50% of all new marriages end in divorce within five years.

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