Pitfalls to Being in the Wrong Type of Relationships: Part III

Mental Illness

Depression and other mood disorders stem from conflicts involving man against man. Many people don’t know how to express themselves in controversy, and the result is a term known as “anger-turned-inward”.  A very common theory for major depression, “anger-turned-inward” is often found to be the root of one’s depressive state.

Occupational Issues

Stress, fighting, and other issues stemming from poor or bad relationships usually lends itself to sleep and appetite disturbances.  Along with stress, difficulty in both of this areas leads to decreased energy and concentration.  With this, productivity and performance in the workplace may be impacted.

Problems with Your Immediate Family

Our families know when there are issues or problems.  As a result, when we began isolating ourselves and presenting with bizarre behaviors, they usually know that there is something wrong.  Many of us do not like to face our families in times of distress, and instead, prefer to hideout behind the veil of ignorance and shame.

Educational Problems

It is common knowledge amongst students out there that when things go bad in a relationship, grades drop significantly.  How quickly do we forget that old equation, love-in and love-out is directly proportional to academic difficulty?  Therefore, all students, both young and old, have to watch out for these phenomena.

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