Dr. O. attends RED CARPET Event for Sex and the City 2: GREAT MOVIE

Sex and the City 2: Just what America Needs Right Now

The movie was wonderful and I give it two thumbs-up. I still enjoy the late night re-runs of Sex and City, but I never got to see the first movie. However, when my publicist (Nikki Walker) told me that she had exclusive invites to a RED CARPET MOET event for Sex and City 2, I could not turn her down. (Well, it was at the Woodruff Center, five blocks from my Buckhead office) I enjoyed the movie from start to finish. Am I a hopeless romantic or what? Well here is my opinion of why I think makes this is a great movie.
1. Each character was strong and represented something different. Carrie (writer) is a hopeless romantic who almost had an affair? (great story-line many of us will be able to relate) Charlotte (housewife) is an innocent lamb who makes you love her more and more, but she has two little ones and wants to quit motherhood. Miranda (lawyer) has a corrective emotional experience. Many women will be able to relate to her character in this movie. You know being a strong and competence women but you have a male boss that is (fill in the blank). Finally, Miranda (PR Agent) she represents America’s sexual freedom. What I love most about her character was the writer’s overtone of sexual freedom, but the undertone of safe sex; there were condoms everywhere throughout the movie. (Good Process-Logic)
2. America needs Hope! This movie had a focus on hope. The last couple of years have been depressing, but as always, we (Americans) survive. (Just like the reality T.V. series)
3. The movie explored all type of relationships with surprise elements. It is what it is in America. My Publicist said that I can’t talk about Gay relationships today but there is a theme in this movie. (Check it out Guys, Gals, or whatever you prefer to be called)
4. America and race-relations. This movie says something strong. We have got to really make a concerted effort to continue to build international relations. By the way, Hilary Clinton deserves an honorable mention here she is doing well. The movie taps into this phenomena a bit, also.
5. Motherhood was explored magnificently in this movie. The line that I remember most was, “How do women with no help do it?” Charlotte was in tears ( a little drunk) but this was powerful. This character is rich, married and has a full-time nanny for two small kids. She is still overwhelmed. However, she relates to the single working mothers with no help or assistance. She does this in proper taste and with appropriate humor.
6. Fashion, Fashion and more Fashion. Here in America, we like to look good and this movie gives you all of that. You will see what is new, will be new and hot this summer and fall. The wardrobe was no joke.
7. Finally, move over Beyonce, Lizzie Minnelli is a single lady. This was a movie highlight. Yes, you’ll have to go and see the movie to get this drift.
In closing, the movie is a must see. The characters are who they have always been with maturity. There are family values. The sex scenes at hot, balmy, in proper taste, but not too much for the 17 year old so go and get your movie on. I highly recommend this movie.
Thanks Fabulous Nikki, the publicist, for the tight social activities calendar!

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