How to Tell if Your MAN is GAY!!

1. He is pre-occupied with his nails and feet (>1 manicure in a month).

2.  He requires pornography to have sex with you. (Which person is he looking at, the girl or the boy? Pay close attention to his eyes.)

3.  He usually smells better than you(excessive cologne).

4. He dresses you and his mother (and does a good job).

5. All of his best friends are female.

6. His best male friend is not married, does not have a girlfriend, and is ALWAYS at your house.

7. The frequency of your sexual relations has been diminishing over time.

8. Sex with him feels funny.

9. He likes going to church musicals.

10. He goes missing for extended periods of time (every weekend) and when he finally comes home, he jumps right in the guest room shower.

Enough Said,

Dr. O

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