Relationship Examples

A. Mrs. J has been calling her husband during the day only to get his voicemail. When she confronts him about this issue, he becomes very angry and leaves home for several days. She has been crying and troubled by his actions for the last couple of months.
1. What type of relationship might she be currently enrolled in?
2. What should she do if this continues?
3. Is this type of problem common among your friends?

B. John was abused by his ex-wife. He meets Sue at a workshop for social workers. After talking to her for awhile, he realizes that she is a divorcee, too. They both had similar experiences in their previous relationships. The conversation between the two of them, at the conference, was warm and inviting.
1. What should they do about their initial feelings?
2. What type of relationship or they at risk for developing?
3. Is therapy recommended for one or both individuals?

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