Strategies to Avoid Relationship Pitfalls


• Don’t rush into a new relationship. Let things progress slowly and naturally.
• Ask very specific questions about the persons past relationships and break-ups.
• If it feels wrong, don’t force it no matter how lonely you are at the time.
• Flee premarital sex if at all possible. If you do engage, protect yourself.
• Set boundaries in the beginning (i.e. average number of cell-phone calls per day).
• Spend time around them and their family.
• If they have children (adult or small) spend time interacting with them, also.
• If you don’t understand a behavior or process, gingerly inquire.
• DO NOT engage in mortgage, co-signatures, bank loans, etc. until there is a legal document called a marriage license.
• Ladies remember “No Ringy, then No Dingy”!
• Always maintain your own bank account, even after the marriage. Share the fact with your mate, but not the account number or access.
• Don’t force pre-existing children on the new mate. This could be a problem. Yes, you are a package deal, but remember everyone does not want gravy with their grits.

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