10 Ways to Effectively Break-Up in 2010

1.  Make a Firm Decision and Stick to it!  Failure to do this can lead to Depression.

2.  Significantly Reduce Cell-Phone interactions over time. Remember you want the relationship to be over.

3.  Remove his/her pictures from your office, key chain, and home coffee tables.

4.  Don’t listen to love ballads (in partricular Luther Vandross) during the critical break-up period. This leads to depression, also.

5.  Do NOT participate in make-up sex during the break-up period. This can lead to further attachment.

6.  There is no need for ANY face-to-face interactions during the break-up period.(this includes both lunch and dinner)

7.  Return ALL of his/her personal property in a public area. (i.e. the grocery store, or WAL-MART, etc)

8.  Stop calling his/her parents for social conversations.

9.  Try NOT to go to bed with them on your mind. (You know what I mean)

10.  Utilize Spiritual Healing. (go to church, a synogogue, or a mosque of your choice)

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