Chris Brown: To Be or Not to Be Forgiven (Relationship 101 series)

Dear Chris Brown,

I really enjoyed your PERFORMANCE last night. You really did a very good job saluting Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.  However, the “Man in the Mirror” catharsis confused many of us watching.  Were you really that depressed last night?  We were trying to figure out where your emotions purged from during the performance. There are basically to schools of thought:

1) You really missed Michael Jackson and this final number personally overwhelmed you.

2) You  began to reflect on the words of that particular song, with regard to some of your past behaviors.

The verdict is not out yet. Maybe you could provide us with some insight into your experience while on stage last night.

Chris, a lot of victims of abuse and victim advocates are not ready to forgive you and saw last night as a Publicity Stunt. I, on the other hand, am not sure if this experience was not genuine. I do realize that you experienced abuse yourself, so some of your behaviors may be mimicked from your childhood. The physical abuse topic is HOT and Chris you are still in a pretty tight spot. Did last night change the minds of the fans who deserted you? I don’t have that answer.

Here is the thing Chris, the incident with Rhianna was really bad. Many people are NOT ready to forgive you just yet. As a  mental health professional, I believe that your rehabilitation has started, but certainly not finished.  The truth is Chris, God is the only one who can really forgive you. I believe that you and Rhianna are collegial and I know that she has forgiven you because it’s the appropriate thing to do for her own healing. It may take the general public a little longer, but here are a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Remain in treatment for your own sake and not the public eye
  2. Commit yourself to more public service and be genuine
  3. Be yourself
  4. Don’t expect everyone to forgive you
  5. Remember that time heals all wounds

I can not endorse the performance as real or genuine because I really don’t know what is in your heart. Can a man change? Just take a look at yourself and make that change. Chris in your case, start with the man in the mirror and not the man on the stage. I hope this helps. Remember this in your future relationships.

Sincerely yours,


If you did not get a chance to see Chris Brown’s performance, you can check it out by clicking here:

Chris Brown BET Award Show Performance

What do you think?  Did Chris genuinely leave his heart on the stage, or was he just giving a really good performance becuase he is a talented performer?

If you or someone you know may be  in abusive relationship go to:


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