How To Tell If Your Spouse/Lover Is Cheating (Relationship 101 Series)

1.  They are frequently in areas with no cell-phone tower  or coverage.

2.  They exhibit very poor eye-contact when confronted about the issue of cheating.

3.  He/She has a number of questionable late afternoon/evening meetings.

4.  Your spouse/lover exhibits a decreased need for sexual relations with you. They may claim depression as an illness.

5.  You go to the doctor and find out that you have an STD(s).

6.  Your mate displays new aggressive behavior towards you suddenly without cause.

7.  He/She exhibits unusual and excessive fatigue.

8.  You discover unusual credit card charges and odd-time bank withdrawals.

9. Your spouse/lover attends more than two professionals conferences  in one calendar year.

10. “I’m working on a new project at work.”  Response when questioned about unusual hours.

However, if your spouse/lover is a pilot, physician or preacher the above rules may or may  NOT apply. You should be extra paranoid at ANY unusual or strange  behaviors from this group. (two cell-phones, extra call nights, multiple work locations, etc.)  Some people in these professions maybe skilled in fabricating whereabouts and a few of them have a  higher propensity for participating in extra-marital affairs.  Also, some Lawyers and Law-Enforcement personell fall into a separate category. Many of us personally know why.  Whatever your spouse or lovers profession may be, if there is a sudden change in their normal behaviors/routines then it’s probably time to raise an eyebrow.

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I want to know what you think some more signs of cheating are based on your experience . How have you caught your significant other in the act? Also, if you have cheated how did you get caught? How did you get away with it? I would love to see your comments!

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