Is Sex Necessary In Relationships?

I was forced to write on this topic by several members of the religious community. Before getting too deep in discussion, we need a couple of working definitions.
1. What is a relationship? A willing partnership between two consenting individuals.
2. What a sex? A function of intimacy between two consenting adults in a partnership.
3. What is Necessary? Like water, something we can not live without daily.

First off,  my answer to this question will  required a little more research. I am also open for confidential interviews. I have thus far interviewed straight, gay, married and even single people.  The verdict is not yet in at this time!

Question: Is Sex Necessary in Relationships?

The answer will be survey driven. Please answer the question in the comment section. You can remain anonymous and know that I will hold your answers confidential.

Possible Responses:

A. Definitely Yes

B. Not Really

C. I don’t know I am a virgin

D. Only if you are married

E. I have no idea.

Please tweet and retweet this post. The final answer has to be data driven.

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