Racism & Sexism 101 (Dr.O’s Law)


You might become a victim of workplace DEPRESSION  if you forget any of the following rules:

1. You are a MINORITY or a WOMAN! Don’t forget this in any meeting, conference, retreat or discussion with your majority boss.
2. Always remember that your work has to be at least two standard deviations above your male and majority counter-parts.
3. Also remember that you must understand and comprehend the meaning of both EEO and a Hostile Work Environment!
4. Don’t forget that even if you work very hard and go beyond the call of duty you WILL still get “meets expectations” on your performance evaluations.
5. Always remember that if you work as much as your majority counterparts you will most probably get “below expectations” on your evaluation.
6. Please be advised that your E-MAILS may be regularly reviewed (unannounced).
7. Don’t forget that your vacation will NOT be approved if a majority counter-part requests the same days. This will happen even if you request the days, in writing, first.
8. Be ready you may have to file at least one grievance in your life-time.
9. Plan ahead because you may have to resign from a job that you like because of racism and/or sexism.
10. Last but not least, always remember that YOUR children can NEVER  get sick.

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