To be or Not to be a Racist: Obama Nation

I have had a significant number of friends, family members and patients who are reporting increased harrassment and inequality on their jobs.  Many of them have become depressed and their relationships (marriages, etc.) are in trouble. Several have been overlooked for raises, many have the overall “meets expectations” only on their evaluations and some have been written-up unfairly. I have also recently been hit with the broom of racism. Stay tuned for my personal testimony.

It is ridiculous to listen to the news and watch the media blame President Barack Obama for everything  in the world. They blame him from  broken toilets in their homes,  to oil spills in the Gulf. This is certainly psychotic. As I listened to a debate on CNN, I began to wonder if they want him to actually go down into the sea and plug-up the spill with a wash rag. This is ridiculous. It is simply foolishness. This is BP’s issue and not BO’s issue. He has acted Presidential and appropriate, but he will be  damned if he do and damned if he don’t. Enough said. Yes, I am HOT!

This has to stop. We all need to put all of our dollars together and move forward with a couple of class action law suits.  They should include sexism , also. I know of several African-American and Caucasian-American females who have been successful in fighting inequality in the workplace.  It ain’t just a Black thing!  They tell me that it is hard being a woman, too. There is suppose to be NO discrimination based on race, creed , sexual orientation or national origin.  The constitution has not changed. It is now time to fight.  Here are a couple of hypothesis for the increase in the projections of racism…

1. Some  Americans are afraid because sooner than later the majority race will be Hispanic/Latino.

2. Many are infuriated because Barack Obama is the current President and Black. “Obama Nation”

3. Many are upset because the world is becoming a multi-cultural melting pot.

How long can we sit and be mis-treated. Are you currently depressed because of maltreatment? Are you afraid to leave your jobs because you need benefits?Let me hear what is on your heart. This is a very serious issue and we must discuss and take action. Talk to me readers, I need to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this article.

However, if you are not sleeping, eating, feeling hopeless and helpless because of your job…

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