How He Knows When It (The Relationship) Is Over

Through the Eyes of a Man

1. You have to text her several times before she will respond.
2. She is suddenly always unavailable to do fun activities.
3. She tunes out when you are expressing your feelings.
4. She “mistakenly” blocks you from her Facebook Page.
5. Everything you say or do is “wrong” so she picks fights with you, then leaves.
6. She can’t hear you calling because her phone is always on vibrate or silent.
7. Her voice-mail remains full.
8. Her friends are all going through divorces and she has to be there for them.
9. Her mother is ill in another state.
10. Her dog has cancer and she needs to focus on him right now.

What are some other signs your woman has given you? Also ladies, what are the signs you give out when you are over your relationship? I want to hear about your experiences so feel free to share!

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