How to Know When It (The Relationship) Is Over

Through the Eyes of a Woman

1. He stops returning your phone-calls within the hour.
2. You can never locate him on the weekends.
3. Sex seems more like a chore than enjoyable for him.
4. He mistakingly  calls you somebody else’s  name during sex
5. Movie night has been cancelled four weeks straight by him.
6. The summer vacation, in the Virgin Islands, did not happen with him.
7. He refuses to return your text messages.
8. You are spending more weekend time alone.
9. No candy, flowers or gifts in 30 days.
10. His old friends have suddenly become more important.

What are some other signs your man is stepping out on you? Also guys, how can you tell if your woman is over your relationship? I want to hear about your experiences so chime in!

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