Question of the Day: Should She Leave? (Relationship 101 Series)

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A True Story

Mrs. X is a 35 year old, six-month pregnant, married Christian young lady who lives in a D.C. suburb. She is well-educated and currently doing well on her job. One day she gets a strange feeling (you know the kind that women get)  and decides to go home several hours early. Upon arrival, there is an unusual car parked in front of her home.  However, the car looks somewhat familiar but she just can’t place who it belongs to, or why it would be in her yard at 2:00 p.m.  Her home is still secured so she decides to gain entry.  She hears strange sounds coming from her bedroom. She walks in to find her husband and her younger brother engaged in sexual activity in her bed.

Now that you have read the question, what would you say to this six-month pregnant  Christian married woman? Should she divorce her husband? Should she kill her brother? Should she seek pastoral counseling? Should she stay with him until the baby is born? Should the father have visitation rights after a break-up if he is gay?

Let me hear your comments. This scenario is a lot more common than you think.

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