STD In Disguise: Relationship 101 Series

You have been married or in a monogamous relationship for two years. Week one, you notice a little irritation while urinating. Week two, you notice burning on urination . However, week three you have an actual  greenish discharge. As a result, you mention this to your spouse/lover and he/she looks surprised and adamately denies similiar symptoms. You have never had a UTI or STD so you are concerned but not really worried about the later, an STD. You have really learned to trust your mate over the past several years.  Depression attempts to creep in but your are confident in your relationship. You are convinced that this is just a normal yeast infection and you place your mind at ease.

The doctor comes in and listens to your complaints and symptoms. He then requests your permission to do a couple of tests. You immediately agree to the urinary analysis and culture. However, you are somewhat reluctant to any other studies. You did share with Dr.O how wonderful and committed your mate is to only you and therefore you are not convinced that he will find anything with “THOSE” other tests.  Afterall, you really don’t want to pay the additional  co-pays.  However, the doctor  convinces you to go ahead and test for gonnorhea, chlamydia and HIV.

The nurse calls you the next day on behalf of the doctor.  She explains that he would like to speak with you face-to-face. You panic, lie and tell him to go ahead and share the results over the phone because you have another meeting. (This is not true) He then confirms that you have gonorrhea and chlamydia. He does not have your HIV test results back just yet.  You immediately become depressed and overwhelmed.

1.  What will you do first and why?

2.  Will you leave your mate why or why not?

3. Should a person that knowingly infects another person with an STD be prosecuted under law?

I need to hear your comments on this issue readers.

If this has happened to you in the past and you are suddenly anxious go to://

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