Steele Waters Don’t Run Deep!

Once again Michael Steele, our great GOP leader, has put his foot back in his mouth. I don’t really understand his process of thinking. He seemingly has a death wish for President Obama, but each time he speaks, he essentially strengthens our support for the Democratic Party.  I can’t say that his problem is racism or sexism. It appears that maybe he does not understand his postion or was just really a poor choice for the GOP.  We all know why he was originally chosen, but I am sure that if they could do it all over again, the choice would be different.

Here are the points to ponder:

  1. Last Friday was known as “Trash Day. ”  M.Steele’s remarks confirmed this day.
  2. M.Steele inferred that the Afghanistan War is a “War of Obama’s Choosing.”
  3. M.Steele also stating that the termination of Stanley McChrystal (Rolling Stone Interviewee) was “comical.”
  4. The Democratic Party feels that Steele’s statements put him at odds with 100% of the Republican Party.
  5. Most Republican leaders, Senator John McCain  and others, actually support the President’s strategy in Afghanistan.
  6. Members of the Republican Party and other strong political groups are beginning to really question if this is the right job for Mr.Steele.

My suggestion is that if you really don’t have anything good to say, check your facts first.  We all should respect leadership and just leave President Barack Obama alone.  Mr.Steele I am very surprised at you and you certainly know why. Finally, just what is Micheal’s agenda? He appears to be committing political suicide. Maybe he does not know that color barriers still do exist. Maybe he chooses to ignore that people recognize that he is just a token “Black” that was really only placed in office as a result of a “Black” President. Could it be that he just doesn’t know, or is there really a greater issue than the one that appears so obvious, jealousy?

Some people may ask, what is the NAACP’s and SCLC’s position on his behavior. I really don’t know.However, I would caution him to be careful, but his bedtime stories are not squeaky clean, remember.

If you have a comment or  opinion on this post I would like to hear. Do you agree that Michael Steele is just a dysfunctional token black in office? Do you think that maybe jealousy could be the issue here? Finally, do you think that he should resign because of his recurrent behaviors?

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