The Abuse Cycle: Fuss, Fight, Makeup

The relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown has been publicly displayed throughout the media. This has been the case throughout  their entire relationship. However they had a highly visible and physically abusive break-up. The relationship did not end well for either party.

Psychodynamic Formulation Issue:

There is a cycle of abuse and pain that many victims choose to participate in regularly. My questions are  to Rihanna … Are you willing to actively participate in the cycle of pain and abuse? In your opinion, Rihanna what were the antecedents to this major media blitz that has Chris’ career in a tail spin?  What signals do you want to send to all of the young girls, in abusive relationships, who really want to get out? Are you ready to send this type of  mixed messages?

There is certainly room for forgiveness in all of our lives.  However, forgiving and forgetting are two distinct and separate phenomena that must be delineated. Also, isn’t there  an OOP (order-of-protection) Chris, please be advised.

The Fuss:  Is it okay that Chris Brown allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in the face? Was it okay for Rihanna to view his personal text messages?  Is it okay for anyone’s spouse/lover to look through their cell phone or cell phone records? Could this have all been avoided if privacy was not invaded?

The Fight:

The back and forth in any relationship can be very detrimental to anyone’s mental status. Was the persistence of Chris Brown’s effort to win Rihanna back too much, too little, too late? Do you think he was genuine on the night of the BET awards?

 The Makeup:

Now it has been about a year since the two have supposedly spoken. In recent news,  from the Heat Magazine,  Rihanna has reached out to Chris Brown. She was allegedly moved by his performance at  the BET Awards.  Rumor has it that she wants to have a face-to-face with her former lover. This could place her in a vulnerable position of love and emotions.

So many of you want to know if  Rihanna will go back to Chris Brown. What kind of messages does this behavior, once again, send to our youth? Will the outcome of their actions set a new precedent in our communities as it relates abuse and domestic violence?

Let me hear your comments and suggestions on how this situation should really be handled.

In your comments remember who the victim allegedly is and who the assailant might be in this botched love affair. Do you think Rihanna should go back to Chris Brown? Let me hear from you!

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