Ethics in the Pulpit: A Thing of the Past

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Dear Readers,

Once again, another church in Atlanta has made it on the news. Is it for missions or service to mankind? Nope! It is for malfeasance? Yep!  I am depressed after hearing another story like this one. Another one of our so-called “pastors” was caught stealing and now God’s church is going quickly into foreclosure.  It is becoming all too common seeing stories like this one on the nightly news. To where has the societal integrity of our church leaders vanished?  Are pastors required to have a real relationship with their people in today’s church? I don’t have the answer to this dilemma.

Many of you have written me and basically told me that you give-up on the organized church. I can not sway you one way or the other but please don’t give up on God because he has never given up on you.

Here is the Question of the Day:

Should ALL pastors be required to take and pass an ethics course before their church is considered for tax-exempt/501 C-3 status? Should this requirement be scheduled annually for a system of checks and balances in the church’s governance structures?  Finally, what do you think should be done to pastors who take financial advantage(s) of their parishioners? Should pastors have term limits?  Should pastors be given a 360-degree evaluation from their parishioners? Let me  hear your comments.  A lot of people are helped when many of you share your true testimonies.

If you have unloaded your bank account, mortgaged your house or cashed in an insurance policy for your pastor, feel free to check out your mental status.

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