How to Survive after a “Bad” Relationship.

1. RECOGNIZE When It Is Over.
2. ACCEPT When It Is Over.
3. Feel BETTER about YOU.
4. Don’t PLAY with Make-Up Sex!
5. WORK on your Spiritual Being.
6. DEVELOP a PLAN to MOVE Forward in YOUR Life.
7. Discover WHO you really Are. (The New You)
8. FREE yourself.
9. AUTHENTICATE your Hurts, but don’t dwell on them.
10. Finally, JUST LET IT GO!

The list above is ten items that I think will help you to  move forward.  Surviving a “Bad/Abusive” Relationship may not be easy, but this task has been accomplished by many of us. You can not be afraid of change or letting GO!  This week promise yourself that things will be better. Also, take this list and post it up on your bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator door, inside your work area or in your blackberry/cell-phone.

This week take the opportunity to perform a self-evaluation. If you have been having sleepless nights, crying spells or flashbacks from a previous bad relationship or abuse, please go to the  Dr. Owens, M.D. Pre-Screen Mental Health Assessment and check your mental health status.

Also, leave a comment on the blog. Oftentimes, you will say what others are thinking. Help me as I help others “RUN” out of abusive and bad relationships. Please comment on this post………

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