Peachstate Psychiatric Services & Back-To-School/Bully Awareness Workshop 2010

Dr. Owens with Officer Anita Fraser and a workshop attendee.

August 7, 2010 marked the Back-To-School & Bully Awareness Workshop for incoming students. Those in attendance were informed on how to control issues of bullying in the school, provide better monitoring of children’s academic progress, and maintain school faculty communication for the betterment of their child’s success.

Peachstate Psychiatric Services and Dr. Dwight Owens would like to thank all parents and students who attended, and special thanks to the speakers who donated time and resources to further educate the participants. For more information on how to stop bullying, and signs to look for, go to: Back To School with Bullies: A Survival Guide

Bullying is a serious issue which can lead to mental health issues in the future. If you believe you or your child may be suffering long-term effects from bullying, please take: Dr. Owens, Pre-Screen Mental Health Assessment

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