Question of the Day: Have You Ever Been Cheated On?

If you recall, Bill Clinton cheated and it appears that his relationship has become stronger. Many relationship experts are of the opinion that cheating strengthens relationships. Was this the case in your relationship?

If you have experienced infidelity, I would like to hear your story. Does infidelity really make for a stronger relationship in your opinion? Was it your fault or his/hers in your opinion? Were you as attentive in your relationship as you should have been? Did you help to keep the relationship alive? Do you ration sex and/or intimacy? Are you cold and drafty towards your partner?

Some people believe that cheating is multifactorial and many people are responsible for their spouse’s/lover’s infidelity. Was this the case with you? Did you stay in the relationship? Are you considering leaving? I would like to hear your story of the week; maybe your openness can help someone else who may be struggling with this issue. All comments remain anonymous.

If you have been cheated on and are feeling down and out, or maybe even if you know that you are depressed,  please feel free to check out your current mental status. Click on the link below and take Dr.O’s Mental Evaluation Screening to assess where you really are mentally.
Dr. Owens, Pre-Screen Mental Health Assessment

You should not be afraid to discover the truth about how you may be feeling. Most depression is treatable.

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