Sex In The City…I Mean, Church!

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There is a lot of discussion about sex in the 21st-century church. I participated as a panelist at the “Single, Saved and Satisfied” conference and Bishop Paul Fortson of Bermuda stated, “It does not seem like many of the single are really satisfied!”  We were challenged with several questions that could have placed us individuals in a  vulnerable position.  Several of the questions, if answered incorrectly, would have certainly lead some attendees to sexual immorality, which certainly wasn’t our mission.

I am not ignorant to the fact that many of us in the church have been exposed to either sex, drugs and or continued lust (fill-in your own blank here).  However,  here is the question: once spiritually converted, can a person change his or her ways?   The more important issue that needs to be discussed here is, “Do we really want to refrain from pre-marital sex?”

Many of you have shared your conflicted views with me on this issue. So now, what exactly is the church’s position? Can we hold the single and saved to a higher standard than several of our church leaders, even those found in the media for sexual impurity? The other challenge I’ve faced since starting this blog is that many of you have shared that your first sexual experience was with some leader in the church. Wow, how do we handle this issue? Do we need a conference, service or meeting to address our leaders and some of their behaviors? Can we expect the sheep to be better than the priest? And finally, is there sex in the church?

Were you a victim of sex in the church? Are you currently in a sexual relationship in the church? Do you feel that this issue is being addressed in our churches? Do you feel that there is a lot of hypocrisy in the church when it come to this issue? I need to hear from you here at Please know that your anonymity will be maintained. Maybe you can help someone who may be struggling with this issue, and who is willing to do right in a biblical sense.

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