10 New Secrets to Weight Loss Success – from AskDrO

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1.  Sustained and true weight-loss takes place over time and usually not in a short defined period (first few weeks=water loss).

2.  Failure to change your daily lifestyle (stress management, water intake, etc.) is Self-Sabotage of  any weight-loss success.

3.  Emotional Eating has to be addressed at the beginning of your lifestyle change. Just ask a doctor.

4.  Increasing your Water Intake is essential and not an option for optimal and initial weight loss.

5.  Occupational, home and/or relationship STRESS MAY increase or decrease your actual body weight. Therefore, you must learn to just LET IT GO!

6.  Sleep Deprivation increase emotional lability, and thereby may increase overeating. 6-8 hours of sleep per night is key.

7.  Carbohydrate Craving (ice-cream, potato chips, etc) is a true clinical sign of DEPRESSION. So watch out if the cookies are causing weight gain.

8.  Alcohol is full of sugar (which is a complex-carbohydrate), therefore decreased intake is essential to weight loss.

9.  Obesity can lead to chronic illness and premature death so aggressively understanding this phenomena is important.

10.  You MUST participate in Physical  Exercise at least three times weekly, NO LIE!

Do you agree with the communication above? Did AskDrO leave off anything? Is there any point ( i.e. emotional eating, stress and how it affects weight gain) that you want more discussion on? Is this article pertinent in your eyes? My readers have been a little quiet lately, let Dr. O  hear from you on this issue…

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