10 Ways to be a Better Lover-This Time, By AskDrO

1. Understand who You are as an individual before making any NEW love connection. (singular)

2. Stop being DEPENDENT on your mates (past and present) for an identity because that will not last very long.

3.  Identify your Personal Weaknesses and conquer each of them on your own. Don’t take old  baggage (depression) into a NEW relationships.

4.  Develop your own set of GOALS first and then corroborate with your spouse/lover on mutual goals.

5.  Be open and honest, in the beginning, about your needs for intimacy and sex.

6.  Remove (ERASE) the telephone numbers of all former intimate lovers BEFORE you enter into a new commitment.

7. Know early on where YOU want this  NEW intimate relationship to go.

8.  Don’t SACRIFICE your own feelings for your spouse/lover’s if you are not FEELING the process.

9.  To Thine Ownself ALWAYS be true!

10.  Take down the “for sale sign“If your are serious about this NEW commitment.

Do you agree with my recommendations above? Did I (AskDrO) leave off any key concepts or components? Are there any that are essential for the success of a new relationship that this Atlanta Psychiatrist forgot?Help Dr.O on this one by letting  me hear from you on this crucial issue…..

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