Bishop Eddie Long: What A Cross To Bear (Part II)

Many of  my patients who are members of New Birth Church are overwhelmed, hurt, despondent,  and confused about all that is happening. I am personally baffled; this type of thing was never covered in medical school and neither did ordination classes prepare us to deal with this type of crisis management. First there were two, now there are three and the third young man (23) alleges that his “sexual coercion” started at the age of 14. This is a nightmare, I am sure, for all those involved.

Many of you want to know my personal position as a Psychiatrist on this issue. It is still and shall remain with the “People of God“. My heart is heavy and I am praying fervently for the 25,000 members of New Birth. Many are becoming depressed, anxious and disillusioned by the allegations.  I am hoping that each member accesses the proper medical/mental health care if needed.  What will happen if those Souls turn from or lose their FAITH?  Do I have an opinion on Bishop Long’s guilt or innocence? The answer is emphatically No! I pray that this is all a lie, however, justice has to be served.   He is still a “Man of the Cloth” and has not been found guilty by any court of law. I am also reminded that none of us are exempt from a PR Nightmare, such as the one that  Bishop Long is presently experiencing. However, my brothers and sisters, just don’t let the lie be true when it is your turn!

As a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Elder in the C.O.G.I.C. (Lord knows we have had our fair share of problems) here are my observations, not legal opinions: ( I am a Forensic-Trained Psychiatrist, but I am not serving as an expert on this case)

  1. There may be others to come forward so don’t be too surprised.
  2. At this juncture, because of the specifics in the written complaints, many have already began to implicate Bishop Long. All three complaints are very similar and attempt to suggest that Bishop Long used money, jewelry and power to entice the young men into sexual favors.
  3. The New Birth Church family is hurting and overwhelmed right now. So please don’t bombard them with dumb questions such as, “ How do you feel about what is going on?” Get your eyes on God, New Birth! Pray for Bishop Long as you should, but turn your heart fervently to GOD!
  4. Every Pastor and Trustee Board in America should require mandatory sexual-harassment training for all leaders and church workers  immediately.  If you have already done it, do it again!
  5. The Black Church is in CRISIS!   Don’t think that the attack is only on Bishop Long. The entire Body of Christ feels this attack. (Remember if my brother is in trouble, so am I).
  6. There may be some that leave the church and never will return. Many parishioners far and wide have just had enough. Some of the individuals involved may need Mental Health care. (care for PTSD, Depression and or Brief Reactive Psychosis)
  7. The FOCUS and MESSAGE of the Black church has to CHANGE. We have got to turn our focus back to souls! The church has to move its focus from money, money, and more money. All Pastors’ anniversaries, birthdays, special days, etc. need to be canceled until further notice. I mean that for from the bottom of my heart! I do believe that “honor should be given to those whom honor is due,” but we are in crisis! The heart of the church has to go back to the PEOPLE.
  8. Any Pastor participating in any inappropriate relationship(s) with any member should RESIGN and immediately REPENT to God. It is time to ex-communicate just like the Catholic church.

To Bishop Long:

This is a VERY tough cross for you to bear and certainly ALL  EYES will be watching when you make your statement(s) on Thursday. The allegations against you are steep and intense, but not proven. Most of your members are sad and their emotions are torn. This is Spiritual WARFARE  at its peak! I feel the pain of your church and you!  I have read the first two complaints in detail and honestly, it does not look good. However, the “TRUTH will MAKE you FREE”, and that is scripture.  We really want to withhold prejudice, but right now things are looking a little bad for you . However, it is not over and you know the truth.   We can not forget to pray for the three men who are presently feeling violated. They have souls too and need to be heard also. New Birth: Your CHURCH has to be spiritually vigilant, strong and prayerful. I do  understand and accept the fact that you have stated “I categorically deny all the allegations.” It is now time for God to be for us ALL! This church is in distress…and to Mrs. Vanessa Long,  “Be Still and Know that He is God!”

Prayerfully yours,


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