BOMBSHELL: “Gays in the Military: Correction Gays in the Black Church”

I really enjoyed this video. Well guys/gals we are now beginning to scratch the surface of the real issues with this national scandal. Is it about Eddie Long’s character? Is it about young men that have been cut off by a Sugar Pastor (I mean Sugar  Daddy)? Is it about sexual coercion in the church? Finally, is it about the sexuality of African-American men (both young and old) in the church? Guess what: I think Bishop Carlton Pearson is on to something.  We may not want to admit it but something went terribly wrong in both the short-term and long-term relationships that Bishop Long had with the Long Fellows!

I saw the pain in Jamal Parris’  eyes on the news tonight (stay tuned for that post). “How he left us and he used scripture to justify sex. He just walked away from  us when we did not give him what he wanted. He made me cry many nights when driving home in his car.  He turned his back on us; he had no more need for us. I was not able to take enough showers to get the smell of his cologne off of me!”

Many of you have challenged me and even almost cursed me out about my “continued” writings on this subject. However, if I write about any other topics, such as Shh! Generational Curse: African-American Male Sexual Abuse in the Community and Church, I get absolutely NO feedback. I am wondering if it is my subject and verb agreement?  Was it my syntax or improper use of pronouns? I don’t have the answer but there were absolutely no likes checked on this post.  However, when I checked Google Analytics many people read it but did not give me any feedback. I understand.

Folks, here it is: the African-American church does not welcome men or women. We have an unwritten, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Therefore a lot of gay bashing, controversial messages and political unrest is shown in most of our sanctuaries. Have you ever been in a service and heard your Pastor or First Lady bash the gays and the choir stand is full of men who love other men? Have you ever had a male church member, single and under the age of 40 to die and everybody start whispering and asking, “What he die from?”  Do you  remember that favorite Deacon Brown who never had a wife and baked the best sweet potato pies in the church? Have you ever seen a Chariman of the Trustees give back the tithes to a member with an alternative lifestyle.? Who is your favorite hair stylist from the church?  These are all queries that point to a church (the Black church) that may not accept or practice inclusion, but possibly has diversity in the church.

Let me break it down a litte further for those who are having difficulty with the post. It’s apparent that many facets of our culture is influenced by those from all walks of life (even Gospel music). If you live in America, everybody by now has a brother, sister, cousin, choir member, usher or friend who is gay. Yet and still the Black church is not ready to deal with this issue. This is certainly a candidate for the etiology of this mess in Atlanta. On yes I am going to confront the issues.  I believe in deliverance, of course, but you have to want to be delivered.  That means Pastors, Missionaries, Saints and Friends.  However, the Bible teaches with Love and Kindness have I drawn….not bashing , ridiculing or exile. I am not sure what Bishop Long or his accusers are struggling with from their past or their present, but “Something in Rotten in the State of Denmark!” I think my dear scarlet. we have stumbled across one of the real issues with this national Black Church Scandal:   Gays in the Military, Naw Gays in the AfricanAmerican church.

The young men did not talk until now because they were afraid. That is a fact and not an opinion. Is the church responsible for  turning our young men out? I am now angry as Hell! Do not post a comment telling me to tell people to pray,we need to make sure these young men are o.k. I am appauled at all the silly people who would think those children are lying. I really want to curse right now, but I will not because I am saved! However, Bishop Long you need to  throw one of the five stones. You really need to and  right now!

Do you think that there needs to be more discussion on this issue in the church? Could this possibly be one of the issues that has thistopis so hot and or intense? Stay tuned I am HOT!  Next PostThey Ain’t Lying!”

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