AskDrO discusses Color & Coins Over Justice: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton Both Above The Law

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Racism still exists, the Dollar still works in a Recession(for the rich) and Judges Ain’t Color Blind: The Rich are somehow exempt from paying for their bad behavior

T.I is about to be hung by his toenails for his behavior (possession of drugs) week before last. However, the blonds get television coverage and a slap on the wrist for their recurrent foolishness. I think it is ridiculous that both Paris’ and Lindsay’s bouts with the law generally serve no penalties. So, Paris is caught with 0.8 grams of cocaine in her purse and Lindsay has confirmed another dirty urine test. Now if either of these megastars were African-American women, they would surely be imprisoned,  probably with no probation. By the way,  Ms .Lohan tweeted her positive urine, however she still  has to meet the judge on Friday. Now, Ms. Hilton was told, “If you ever come back to this courtroom in Las Vegas, you will go to jail.”   Her (Ms. Hilton’s) charges were possession of drugs and obstruction of justice.

Yea Right!  After sentencing, she just pranced out of the courtroom, into her black SUV and glanced (smiled) at her fans and the paparrazi. I(Dr. Dwight Owens) think that it is ridiculous, but it seems that color and coins still matter in America’s judicial systems. If you are the right color and you have some coins, jail does NOT have to  be your home!

Ms.Lohan: we are all well aware that substance abuse is an illness, but you are on probation…there should be a little more incentive to remain clean. Yes, relapse is a part of recovery but it appears that you just choose to not obey the law. In fact, there’s a warrant out for your arrest! Just go ahead and turn yourself in and let justice move forward. I’m sure that you will come out alright….as usual.

Ms . Hilton: in my opinion, you are just a privileged glamour girl who seemingly has no goals or purpose in life. You don’t care about how bad the publicity is; you just like the cameras. Yes, you were threatened by that judge but we all know that it depends on where and when you get caught , if at all, if you will even see this same judge again.   Therefore, the threats are probably just idle to you.

Paris Hilton has a $2,000.oo fine to pay, 200 hours of community service and has to undergo intense substance abuse treatment. I would love to have this case.

When I (AskDrO) think about all of the incarcerated black fathers in jail, most of them for non-violent crimes, I wonder where justice is or are we still in slavery?  Do you think that the criminal justice system is fair to all, both the rich and the poor? Do you think that a Black man stands a chance in Hell in a Texas court? Is Justice really blind? Or, if you are the right color (blond hair and blue eyes) can you buy your way out of any and everything?

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