Dr.Owens, Give Me One Good Reason NOT to Leave the Church!

This question was presented to me by one of my readers who is currently challenged in her faith. She mentioned that as a result of all  the media blitzs, videos, statements and blog-posts(www.askdro.com and I approve of this commercial) she has become a little disenchanted. Below is my response.

I can give you more than one reason, I can give you  three reasons  you should NOT leave the church:

  1. Relationship-By the fact that you need to ask this question, let’s me know that you KNOW HIM!
  2. Faith-Faith is to be tested and tried. Not to lay dormant…
  3. God is not a man that he should lie…. However man/woman will! Remember that the soul is willing, but the flesh is……

Now readers I need your HELP.  I need you to help me generate a list to be published for the soothsayers.  We need to blow- up this blog post with reasons why people should stay put and not leave the church. I am sure that many of you have some ideas, so hit up this post and help me create a comprehensive list to encourage this young lady and others who are considering leaving the church!  No silence please…..


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