Fantasia’s Aunt Bunny Confronts Her On Speculative Bad Behaviors…Relationship Series In Motion

Dear Readers,

My thoughts and perspectives are turning in Fantasia Barrino’s  favor as of last night.  At first, I too thought that she was just another messy homewrecker, but after watching “Fantasia For Real” on VH-1 last night, I am changing my views. Fantasia appeared both vulnerable and remorseful last night. She made three points that are worth pondering:

1. ) “He told me that he was separated.”

2.)  “He is just a friend.” (with benefits, probably)

3.)  “I come from a wrecked home; why would I want to do that to somebody else?”

When really looking at her position, it is sticky. I am sure that this guy is not totally innocent, but he is not an Idol Diva, therefore he does not get the brunt end of the media scrutiny.

Here is the thing: Fantasia has been plunged into a whole new world that can be both cruel and uninviting. She still has to learn a lot about stardom and being in the public eye. I am not saying that she is totally innocent, but Fantasia, “You are going to have to do a little more critical thinking before taking the Nestea plunge. After the uncomfortable exchange with her aunt, I saw a different and more human side of Ms.Barrino. In came my empathetic listening, and I was pleased to hear and feel Fantasia’s  heart. I observed loneliness, pain, confusion and fear.   Her emotions were real! Is Fantasia afraid of being alone? Has her other bad relationship experiences placed her in a vulnerable position when it comes to love? Are we all subject to issues of the heart over the reality of the truth?

Dynamic Formulation: The fear of being alone may conquer the reality of an illicit love affair and lead one into forbidden territory!

After viewing this video and hearing a little more about Fantasia and Antwaun Cook, has your opinion changed much? Have you ever been in an illicit affair with a married man/woman? Do you think that Fantasia is still wrong? Let me hear your thoughts on the blog!

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