Laker’s Star Goes To Jail For Domestic Violence: Relationships 101 Series

AskDrO Responds to Domestic Violence in the Community and Pop Culture!

Matt K. Barnes was arrested and charged with domestic violence. Sources report that both he and his girlfriend had physical marks, but the authorities identified him as the primary aggressor. He posted a $50, 000.00 bail and will be arraigned today. The good news for those of you who follow blogs is that BeBe Winans was cleared of domestic violence charges this week. The issue of “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” is once again becoming more prevalent in our communites.

Understanding Domestic Violence:

It must be made clear that whether you are a basketball player, football player, pop-culture mogul, lawyer, doctor or a displaced worker in America, you have no right to place your hands on your spouse/lover. This must cease/desist  immediately. Just last night, an Atlanta man tracked his wife down at a baby shower, killed her and then fatally shot himself. He died later in an Atlanta hospital. This issue(murder-suicide) is becoming more of a threat and more common.

Warning Signs:

If your mate (male or female) is becoming more verbal or physically aggressive, increasing their alcohol/illicit drugs(crack/cocaine or marijuana) consumption or has started laying their hands on you, take immediate  and appropriate action.  Once again that I have shared in previous posts to begin planning your exit. Do not move too hastily if your mate has a high level of aggression as this can lead to a devastating outcome. If he/she hits you once, they will most probably repeat this behavior. There is also a new and very high incidence of female-female and male-male domestic violence. Please seek help from the appropriate authorities and do not stay in this environment.

But He/She Loves Me:

You may feel like this is LOVE, but I can assure you that it is not; America is in trouble. Believe me, LOVE does not hit or hate. Stop the Violence! This is not an expression of LOVE and this behavior can be deadly. If you feel that you are trapped in this type of situation, feel free to call our office for an appointment for help guiding you in the right direction. Your first stop should be to the authorities and then to a physician for a medical/psychiatric evaluation.

You may be feeling signs of depression or confusion from an unsure or abusive relationship and never know it. Feel free to share with AskDrO.Com. First, take the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status. We are here for you!

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