Spencer LeGrande (4th victim) Breaks Silence: “Bishop Long You Know the Truth!”

At this juncture, what do we say & what do we do? I am a board-certified Psychiatrist but this one has got, even me, somewhat baffled. I guess what is bothering me most is the allegation of sex in the church and the fact that the “alleged manipulation” started when the alleged victims were under age. The sex allegedly  took place in several different places.  People, I am tired of saying alleged!  Parris’ even mentioned sex before service and sex after service. I have watched both videos over and over and I have tried to remain silent and neutral.  Readers,  I just can not seemingly do it at this time.   Analysis of the body language, breathing and interactions with the interviewers,  just  don’t signal dishonesty or lying to me. Initially, I really wanted to be neutral and stay on the fence. I too wanted to say, “Innocent until proven Guilty.” MY conscious won’t let me.  I don’t know if the Bishop Eddie Long  is actually guilty or innocent, but lives are being devastated as we speak.

However, what about the four young men?   What must life be like for the four guys involved in the lawsuit against Bishop Long, their former Pastor?   Thank you Spencer LeGrande for exhaling.  You will be o.k.  There are a lot of rumors that many others  may follow. (unknown count) I really  hope NOT!   I am saddened by this attack on the BLACK CHURCH.  It is my prayer that this chapter of exposure, transparency and ridicule would come to a close.  I don’t think , any conscious person, can just stand by and not lean left or right. I am reminded that Bishop Eddie Long is the leader of 25,000 members. I am sure that each of you (his members) have to now,  if you believe in him, stand radically behind your pastort in prayer and support.

In closing my prayer is that morality, hypocrisy and legality each take their proper place in this situation. I am also speaking directly to the “Spirit of Suicide.” because this thing could wreck havoc in someone’s Life. In closing remember, “If God be for us, then who can be against us!” Today is a sad day in the religious community around the world. I don’t know if we can take another live interview, confession or lawsuit. This matter is taking its toll….. I too agree, Bishop Long, “You Know the Truth!”

Be Strong Saints….Be Strong,


Have you had the opportunity to read and listen to the videos, what do you think? Should Bishop Long make some type of statement written or verbal? Would you remain a member of New Birth MBC? Will you remain a member of New Birth MBC? Please let me hear from you….

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