Will & Jada: No Act When It Comes To Love

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We’re constantly reminded that love is a losing game. More and more, celebrities and the general public alike are going through marriage after marriage, break up after break up, all in search of the perfect love. Rihanna and Chris Brown went through it, as well as Christina Milian and Terius ‘The-Dream’ Nash, and now we’re hearing that Katherine Jackson is divorcing Joe. It’s becoming so fast and easy to find love by “hooking up” instead of taking time out to invest in a lifetime partner. So who can we turn to, or look for as role models in marriage? Whose example can we follow without being too lost? How about Will & Jada!?!

Set A Foundation 

Married for over 13 years, a lot of the Smiths’ dedication and commitment stems from one question: Why are we together? They share that once both parties have an understanding of what their goals and expectations are, the better the connection can be. Says Jada: “I had my vision and he had his, so we had to join it.” Will seconds that in saying that without a goal in mind, both people can be lost in the murkiness of a relationship and lose focus of each other. They were unanimous in deciding to recognize each other’s goals and support one another in that aspect, especially since they both agreed on having children.

Invest In And Embrace Your Children’s Uniqueness 

In parenthood, the Smiths seamlessly balance their professional and personal relationships. Despite having lucrative occupations, Will and Jada make sure that each child is cared for equally, and are able to express themselves freely and honestly. “The goal for the children is for them to be their best selves,” said Jada, “…the trick….is letting the children define their own greatness.” The Smiths seems to be doing wonderfully in that avenue: Jaden is making headway in the film industry co-starring alongside his father in The Pursuit of Happyness, while daughter Willow is trail-blazing into the music industry with a pop smash-hit “Whip My Hair” under Jay-Z’s ‘Roc Nation’ label. She has recently interviewed with Ryan Seacrest regarding her new success. Click on the YouTube link below to hear the broadcast.

Learn Each Other… 

So where could the REAL secret in Will and Jada’s marital bliss lie? In their sex life, of course! Jada boasts that she and Will ALWAYS make time for a sex life, despite their busy schedules. Says Jada, “…if I told you the places! You would not even believe!” However, it’s not JUST the sex that keeps the couple connected, but they house a similar sense of humor, which makes for constant laughs among themselves and their family.

Overall, Will and Jada have proven to be successful at another avenue of life. Not only do their careers eclipse various high-profile celebrities, but their parental and spousal relationships are headed in a great direction. Their children seem happy and well-connected. I bet you won’t see that little girl Willow anywhere near a porn tape when she turns 18, like Montana Fishburne!  

We at AskDrO.com salute you, Will & Jada, for maintaining a healthy and exemplary relationship with one another and sharing it with the world!

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