AskDrO Says, “It’s Gucci Time!!!” (28 Days, To Be Exact)

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Perhaps another “shocker” has rocked the Black community (or maybe not). Rapper Gucci Mane, or seldom known as Radrick Davis (his real name), isn’t making hits such as “Lemonade”, “Freaky Gurl”, or a “Mr. Zone” mixtape these days. NOPE! Instead of spending his time doing tours, putting work in the studios and slangin’ rhymes on remixes and mixtapes alike, Gucci Mane has put his hustle in “Reverse”…right into the depths of drug dependency.

Last Thursday, the Atlanta native and his entourage were seen outside of a Riverdale psychiatric facility with Mr. Gucci holding a court of drama in true rap artist fashion. After over an hour of loud-talk and argumentative words spewing from the mouths of him, his friends, AND his lawyer, the distraught 30-year old recording artist finally succumbed to being admitted for 28 days in a drug, alcohol and narcotic rehabilitation program. A lot of people suspect it was more so to reduce the chances of him becoming incarcerated, which meant less money in the lawyer’s pockets and less chicken wings, pizza and liquor for the entourage.

If any of you follow the rap industry closely, it comes as NO surprise that “Mr. Icey” has an issue with substance abuse. In fact, we can expect that type of behavior from almost ANY rapper nowadays; it’s practically a rite of passage for up-and-coming rap artists. That’s why we didn’t really trip about Soulja Boy’s alleged crack addiction, nor did we flinch (not a lot, at least) over T.I.’s recent drug possession sentence. So, here is the question: did Gucci Mane’s entourage and lawyer persuade him into rehab because they REALLY wanted him to get better, or were they afraid he would be jailed for 11 months (like T.I.), which means they don’t get paid, or get to party? Wouldn’t his entourage be considered a catalyst for his dependency, since they have a type of influence over him? Will Gucci Mane really give up his habit after JUST 28 days? Diagnosis: Essentially, the plague of drug abuse and addiction and the African-American pop culture is almost overwhelming. It appears that many of our rap stars have underlying concepts with sexuality, self-identity and self-esteem management. Although many of them perceive to have millions and millions of dollars, they are still not whole. I look at each of them as vulnerable. With this, it appears that the pop culture needs its own set of psychiatrists to help remove the staunch and plague of substance abuse, bad behavior and criminal recidivism.

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