Black Woman Beat Unconscious,White Man Gets Only Six Months!

Thinking about racism in America… Depresses Me!

Tasha Hill was beat unconscious in front of her 7 year old  daughter by Troy Dale West in Cracker Barrell. (Morrow, GA) This is the issue,he took a plea bargain. Although he was originally charged with three felonies, he decided to take a “plea bargain.” I am sure that his attorneys swayed him this way. A “plea bargain” is when the defense and the prosecution negotiates with the courts to get a decreased sentence to save time and money for the courts. The charges of  Mr.West were against the state of Georgia, therefore Ms.Hill (Army Reservist) was ONLY a witness to his “alleged” criminal conduct. Therefore he was smart and “copped a plea” and was reduced to three misdemeanors and 6 months to serve. (Note: He was given credit for 2 months already served)

Tasha Hill Confessing To Alleged Beating

3 reduced  “misdemeanor” charges

  1. Battery( maximum time 12 months/and or $1000.00 fine)
  2. Disorderly Conduct (maximum time 12 months/and or $1000.00 fine)
  3. Cruelty to Children (maximum time 12 months/and or $1000.00 fine)


  • This was a case of the State of Ga vs. Troy Dale West.
  • This was not a case of Tasha Hill vs. Troy Dale West.
  • She can file a civil lawsuit against Troy Dale West.
  • Troy Dale West was very smart and got an African-American Male Lawyer, Tony Axam.
  • The fact that Troy Dale Wesy pleaded” Guilty” means that he can not deny liability.
  • However, I am sure that Troy Dale West will fight damages.
  • Her attorneys will only have to prove the civil case by “preponderance of the evidence.”
  • Cracker Barrell is NOT liable in this case.
  • Also, if successfully sued for damages, Mr.West can STILL file bankruptcy and Hill will still get no justice and no money.

So in essence, there will probably be NO  JUSTICE and  NO PEACE for this African-American woman. The tragedy is that most probably her small daughter will have  PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Moreover, Ms.Hill probably has PTSD, also. She and  her daughter  will also most probably suffer from a future mood disorder, DEPRESSION also.

Do you fell that she was treated fairly? Do you think that there would have been a different outcome if this were a white woman beat by a black man? Is Georgia STILL racist in your opinion? Should Tasha Hill file a “civil lawsuit?” What are your thoughts on this issue?

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