The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Turn Up The Heat This Season!

Kim comes out of the closet! After reporting of having some connection with Tracy, another female, it’s really not that surprising. In fact, I’m sure that she’s not the only gay-friendly housewife of Atlanta. With Atlanta being the gay capital of the U.S. and with the current Bishop Eddie Long scandal, I’d say it’s a great time for all the closeted gays to emerge. Regarding her bisexual claim, Sheree calls Kim a “media whore”, and thinks it’s all a P.R. stunt (Lord knows needs one too!).

NeNe seems to be having doubts about Greg, her man, so she and Kim get together to discuss. Nene, are you saying that you want to leave Greg because he’s broke? Did he really borrow $10,000 from Dwight, and why did Dwight spill the beans about it? That was just WRONG! Overall, NeNe and Kim’s visit was sweet, but NeNe seemed to be overly interested in Kim’s bisexuality. Could she in fact have some latent sexual issues…? Stay tuned!

After stating that she’s used to having flocks of guys around her, Kandi seems to have found a new boy toy in Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee. Although they have made a pact to withhold sex until December 31, 2010, McGahee inquires about the exception of oral sex. What the hell??? That’s really not a conversation to be had, especially if you’re the new kid on the block, and I just pray that he’s not the “kiss and tell” type.

I think Phaedra, or “Goddess of Light”, should watch her back. The Southern belle of a lawyer is married to Apollo, an ex-con of 6 years. It’s speculated that the relationship is “attorney-client” only, but I suppose that will remain unspoken. She claims that he truly loves her because he signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Is she SERIOUS, though?  This self-dubbed fierce and fabulous belle is also Dwight’s lawyer! After hearing that Dwight loaned Sheree $30,000 for her fashion show and received not even a “thank you” gift, Phaedra takes Dwight’s alliance by bashing Sheree AND NeNe in the first episode, but NeNe calls her “Plain Jane” from Athens (and NeNe would know, being that she’s from there). Watch for Phaedra though; she’s sure to heat up the drama this season!

Now Greg denied borrowing money from Dwight, but then decided to come clean. NeNe didn’t buy it at all. I think Greg is lying!!! This situation is GUARANTEED to heat up, but NeNe….if Greg is lying, MOVE ON! Also, Dwight is telling everyone that Sheree owes him $30,000; I think he’s just an “old stunt queen”. But despite loaning out so much money lately, the word is that Dwight is really broke!

NeNe and Dwight got into their first good altercation after Dwight was confronted for lying and breaking the confidence between him and her broke husband Greg. I’m siding with Sheree: why didn’t Dwight speak up during the fight?

Dwight, I believe you’re a Tigress, not a Tiger! NeNe: you don’t have to stay calm, just do you and FIGHT, honey! And Kim, you are NOT an analyst, so just chill! I’m sure your “psychoanalysis” will backfire soon!

And It Shall Be Hot, Ugly & Fly this Season! I will use ALL of my psychiatry for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’!


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