AskDrO – Mixed Reviews on “For Colored Girls” Movie

'For Colored Girls' Movie Poster

– Saying that For Colored Girls is the most disciplined, least clownish film that Tyler Perry has made – his best film to date – is fain praise indeed – Huffington Post.

– For ‘Colored Girls’, there’s plenty of bashing to go around – The Washington Post

– The film is so jam-packed with tragedies [you can’t] catch your breath between them – John P. Hanlon of ‘Big Hollywood’

So many mixed reviews of this film are swarming that it’s hard to hear yourself think. There are talks of angry men, Black and White, bashing because of the prejudiced characters in the story. We are wondering, “if it were a movie titled ‘For White Girls’, would there be an uproar, or would there be so many goodie-two-shoe White men to eclipse the one bad guy?

Why were these Black women portrayed in such a grim light, facing stereotypical hardships such as abortion, drugs, physical and sexual abuse? Why were these Black men portrayed in the same demeaning, dooming light as abusers, rapists, and no-good-doers? Despite being called a “melodramatic mess”, I think the film’s complex realism and interweaving of stories showed Tyler Perry’s versatility as a filmmaker. ¬†

Was it really THAT bad?

I suppose with all the criticism that Perry is getting for trying to reproduce a respectful rendition of Ntozake Shange’s choreopoem, perhaps he needs….MORE. More help writing his scripts, more help directing his cast and crew, more help (from a psychiatrist, perhaps). I can see how the “can’t win for losing” mindset might set in for him.

Don’t worry, Tyler Perry…just keep-up the good work, youalready ¬†have a very strong fan-base and I am sure most of them enjoyed this film. Truth be told, as a Psychiatrist-so did I!!

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