AskDrO Presents: A Scorpio Survival Guide


This period of the year marks the sign of the Scorpio, the most powerful and certainly most sexual type in the zodiac. Scorpios are known for their intense emotional behavior, often compared to “a volcano under a surface of calm water”. As most of us know, winter is the season to find companions to keep us warm through the months. This does not mean sex saints!   Should you find yourself in the company of a Scorpio this season, here are a few survival tips to see you through:

  • Scorpios are sometimes easily aroused to ferocious anger; find ways to communicate effectively by filtering your thoughts before speaking.
  • Speak and carry yourself with unwavering confidence; Scorpios have a way of intimidating shyer companions and will take advantage of that if they see it in you.
  • Learn how to be an equalizer; many Scorpios possess indolent and self-indulgent qualities. Being realistic and teaching them humility turns them on.
  • Proceed intimacy with CAUTION, but you must be open-minded; Scorpios have an insatiable, versatile and VERY passionate drive. If you’re looking for a soft touch, a Scorpio is NOT ultimately for you.
  • Grow tough skin; if you piss a Scorpio off, it could be equivalent of ‘The Rapture’…so get ready to be on a ‘most hated’ list.

Although these are some mostly general attributes of Scorpios, not two are alike. The best way to know for sure is to be accepting and open, while keeping pace of the relationship and being honest.

Are you are Scorpio? Do you agree with the above analysis? Are you in love with a Scorpio? Are Scorpios dangerous? What advice do you have to give to someone dating a Scorpio?

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