How Do You Stop A Homewrecker?

Fantasia & Antwaun Cook

In the “wonderful world of marriage”, the typical storybook intimacy is never interesting without a prince, princess…AND THE EVIL VILLAIN. In this case, this is currently known as the “homewrecker”.

For centuries, we have read stories about mistresses, sideline lovers, and secret rendez-vous with part-time companions. From the outside, we must admit….it ALWAYS makes drama much juicier. That is, until it happens to your relationship! We have learned from Fantasia’s brush with Antwaun Cook, Gabrielle Union’s frolic with Dwayne Wade, and Alicia Keys’ marriage with producer Swizz Beatz that homewrecking can rapidly become an abomination to one’s character (so much that it potentially causes one to attempt suicide).

So how exactly CAN you stop a homewrecker, whether it’s a friend, family member, or maybe even YOU, perhaps? With this question, looks into the general psyche of a homewrecker and provides some advice on preventing it from ruining one’s relationship, or more importantly, one’s character. Here are 8 simple suggestions:

8.) You are a WALL…you are to remain silent until the first flush of confession rolls through.

7.) Don’t state the obvious; you both already know it’s wrong.

6.) If needed, direct him/her to seek professional help. The issue could be bigger than the both of you.

5.) Support, support, support! You can only show the door; they have to walk through it.

4.) It’s not about you; check how many of your statements have the word “I” in it and revamp your perspective.

3.) Know that there will be opposites views, and prepare for some temporary backlash.

2.) Be reminded that no matter how attractive he/she is, there is ALWAYS someone who looks better.

1.) Remember: Newton’s Laws of Motion also apply to EMOTION (basically, the homewrecker will eventually become homewrecked by another)

Depending on the situation, this could easily be resolved. If not, there could be a seriously mental issue linked to the behavior. Once again, if this is the case, you may encourage professional help to be administered.

Many social and relationship-oriented issues plague our society. Being a “homewrecker” not only destroys marriages and couples’ lives, but it also destroys character, causing bouts of self-esteem, depression, and anxiety issues. Seek help immediately if you feel any of these symptoms, or if you feel your relationship is suffering; take the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status today!

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