Is Apollo REALLY Phaedra’s Baby Daddy?

Phaedra, as we know, is the new ‘Housewife’ of Atlanta. Through the season, we’ve admired her class, her professionalism, her poise….but her LIES?!

Prior to this season’s premiere, there were speculations swirling that Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, was an ex-con, but recently, that speculation gained enough momentum to be written into media law. Recent sources have tracked Apollo Nida’s criminal record and mugshots, dating back to early 1997, when he was convicted of racketeering, or receiving stolen goods from an illegal source (see his case documents by clicking here, or see his criminal profile here.)

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida

Throughout the season, Ms. Parks has played “criminal defense lawyer” to her own husband, taking blow after blow from her fellow housewives, so it would only be fitting that (as a lawyer herself) that defense would including lying. But those tangles of lies she spews are now being unraveled, leaving her looking foolish and, well, a little stupid. You would expect so much more from a woman of her stature and brilliance. Shall we proceed with the evidence…?

  • Phaedra said that she met Apollo in college….she is 38, he is 30 years old. Although it’s possible, if you do the math, it doesn’t add up.
  • For some reason, Phaedra can’t remember her due date. In fact, she said that the doctor planned to induce labor 2 weeks early. Now why would a doctor want to do that when it’s not even necessary?
  • Furthermore, she states that after 5-6 months, she claims that the baby is “ready to come”. I don’t know of ANY expectant mother who is perfectly content with that notion..EVER.
  • What other lies could she be telling, and what could she be covering up from lying about her pregnancy?

Thankfully, when Phaedra went to the doctor with Kandi, it was confirmed that she was a full-term 40 weeks, not 34 weeks. This leads me to speculate: Why would a woman lie about her pregnancy, other than to hide the fact that she was knocked up by another man? Is Apollo TRULY the baby’s father after all? I smell a paternity test coming on…all it takes is time…

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