No More Building Funds or Pay-for-Prayer Lines: AskDrO Rants!

Each day we read about a new scandal in one of America’s large churches. We go from illicit sexual affairs to questionable inappropriate fudiciary responsibility. Let’s not talk about the sexual behaviors of the leaders.  Remember when our Pastors stood for integrity, hope and peace.  This is now the exception and not the RULE!  Now many of you dread Sunday morning services because of the pay-for-prayer lines and building funds.  I take personal offense to manipulation from the pulpit.  Churches should teach stewarship and leave the people alone. The pay-for-prayer lines and building funds have got to stop somewhere.

Pay-For-Prayer Lines

Now this one started with the Pentecostal Movement, but because it worked so well, many good Baptist Churches have started this money train.  I believe that I heard an AME or two strike this pose, but their Bishops don’t play and will silence you in a quick minute for inappropriate financial behavior.   I am appauled when there is a” special” call for money.  Afterall, if weekly business was handled right, there would be no shortage in any church’s  finances.  This gimmick use to work but many of us have stopped falling prey to such antics. People search the scriptures and pray for yourself. You know what is your reasonable financial giving. Do not, I repeat do not, give (offering or tithes) away your rent or gas bill for a gimmick. I do mean that from the bottom of my “sanctified and baptised believer” heart. Yes, God will bless you and most of all believe it or not he knows your heart. This is the whole truth!

Building Funds

“Building funds are like a fungus, they never go away.”  Has anyone seen the building that we are building with the funds from the building fund? I am sure that there are a few churches that really do the right thing! However there is nothing worse than walking into a church and being given a building fund envelope and the church is dilapadated. I am very proud to say, I use to chair a building fund at my previous church, but I don’t know where that 100,000.00 dollars went at all. Yes, I have been a member of several churches in my lifetime and so have many of you! The average church member has been a member of at least 3 churches in their lifetime. The number goes up to 5 if you are a part of a Pentecostal movement. We don’t evangelize we just switch members.

These are just two points to ponder. No I am not being hard on Black churches, I just think that most of them have lost their focus. The process of developing their members has become nil to none. The focus is on money, money, and more money. If you don’t believe me just check your checkbooks or bank accounts.  I love the church and most Pastors.  However, if you are taking advantage of your members, shame on you and God will get you!

Do you agree that Pastors should maintain a full-time job until a certain age? Do you agree that Pastors need performance measures in place also? Should the members of a church be able to provide 360 degree feedback to leadership?

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