Pee In Your Phone To Get An STD Test? There’s An App For That…

Application Menu for iPhone

Need STD results??? Just urinate in your phone…AskDrO!

It seems as if going to the clinic to get  tested for sexually transmitted diseases is “so last year”. In an attempt to develop one of the most forward and advanced applications ever in a phone, officials in UK are actually working on a computer chip that can detect STDs by simply using saliva or urine at home.  Undetected sexually transmitted diseases can lead to depression and anxiety disorders, as well.  No doubt this could symbolize a revolutionary movement in science and technology, but the mere fact of wetting your mobile device is a little….RISKE.’

Although this idea seems a little, well, odd, let’s think about the positives here with a little scenario. Two people date, get together and decide to become intimate. Instead of risking the chance of contracting any new diseases, they can simply “go to the loo” on their phones and depending on the outcome, will continue to see each other, or one of them will get the side-eye and an “it was nice to see you”.

With a $6M backing, it’s safe to say that scientists and doctors alike believe in this technology. This new technology will certainly help your NEW relationships move forward with a “health conscious.” Although there’s been no deadline to when this system will be released, there is no doubt that health professionals are excited about this development.  Says Dr. Tariq Sadiq of Saint George’s University of London: “Your mobile device can be your mobile doctor. It diagnoses whether you have a range of STI’s…and tells you where to go next to get treatment.”

Who ever thought…we can stop the spread of STD’s…one stream at a time…

How do YOU feel about this latest development? Would this make Americans safer in their approach to each other? Would this reduce the risk of STD contraction in the U.S?

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