Phaedra’s Pregnancy Photos

I just love Phaedra. She is rude, classy and down right condescending at times. We love to hate Phaedra but she really steals the show.  The Pregnancy Photos, to me, will be just beautiful.  Didn’t you just love when Phaedra and Apollo shared a pickle mouth-to-mouth? (you can suck it you don’t have to chew it) It looked a little freaky to me. That statement was class less. I have some serious questions that may be revealed later in the show. Phaedra did you get “knocked-up”  before you got married?   I believe that a secret slipped out by mistake. She just made a quick-fool out of herself. Here is the question, is that REALLY Apollo’s baby.  Moreover, very tacky Apollo, don’t bring a gift to someone else’s party at someone else’s house.  Are you that stupid! Probably YES!   No one was really impressed with that Gucci Diaper Bag.  By the way, whose money did you use to pay for the bag? I am sure it was Phaedra’s money or credit card.  Didn’t he just get out of jail free or did he pass GO. However, we still want to know, whose baby is Phaedra carrying? Just a Question!

I need NeNe to put her clothes on immediately, oh my God! Those breasts look awful.  The nose is pitiful, also.  Just stop with the plastics, they are not working for you at this time.  Moreover,  NeNe you do like oral sex.  Just look at your lips. Maybe there is something to the coldness you are currently experiencing with Greg. Is it the sex or lack thereof?   I really think that maybe it is your craziness and lack of self-esteem. Sometimes men can not really handle the fluctuations in mood, or what we call mood lability. It may just be time for a divorce.

Cynthis and Peter and in Phaedra’s words, “their regentrification home.” Cynthia is not that exciting to me at all. This guy, Peter, has 5 children and is “dirty” per Phaedra. He looks somewhat like an old drunk, in my opinion. There is just not too much to this couple. I hope that they don’t get married it would be a waste of flowers and cake.

Kandi may have to get Riley a little counseling because AJ is dead. Kandi a seven year old can not be over her father.  She is not an adult yet.  Kandi I understand that your father abandoned you, also. However, break-the-generational curse. Use me, or any other Atlanta mental health provider, to help Riley reintegrate with her biological father. Also Kandi you may be celibate but you are certainly STILL a little freaky.

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