Raz B Will “Go Tell It On The Mountain” (…Your Business, That Is.)

DeMario "Raz B" Thornton

In the aftermath of DeMario “Raz B” Thornton‘s phone-call confession to being molested under Chris Stokes’ management, R&B singer Quindon Tarver is blowing the whistle on the former B2K singer’s grand scheme.

If you recall, in our article “Money & Molestation”  Raz B’s plot to peel back the sheets of discretion on his former managers and producers dates back to 2007, and spans over numerous phone call confrontations between himself and various business partners and family members. In his latest video, he is seen talking with TUG Entertainment’s Quindon Tarver, describing such specifics as decor in the room where they were violated, to the description of one’s genital regions. The “compare and contrast” conversation was everything to Raz B, a hope that someone agrees with him, and hence another victory for his side…..RIGHT?

WRONG! Quindon Tarver reveals that this particular conversation, now viral on YouTube, was without his consent. Although he doesn’t deny the allegations (he even interviewed with VIBE Magazine to speak about the abuse), Tarver NEVER meant for his business to be unofficially released over the web. Says Tarver: “I had no clue our conversation was being recorded, nor did I know it would wound up on the internet. I was under the impression that Raz B and myself were having a private conversation, nothing more or less.”


So what to do now? Any of us who’ve been following Raz B’s confessions know that should he ring your phone to talk about being abused, you’re getting recorded, so watch what you say. In a sense, I do feel bad for Quindon Tarver; he had already voiced his side of the story with VIBE Magazine and made peace with the tragedies in his past and attempted to move on. But now he has another freshly open wound, largely thanks to Raz B and his big ol’ mouth!

So, is this a healthy pursuit of the truth, or is this slowly becoming an obsession of a dead-end project? Is he reaching out to others for support, or is this the result of a jilted, jaded has-been performer who hungers for fame in any dimension? Is he taking it TOO far? Is his “quest for truth” valid or making him subconsciously inconsiderate to other people’s lives and reputations? We all know that it was an extremely horrible situation for him, as well as anyone who has been sexually abused.  However, is there a moment when you have to stop yourself and re-evaluate your actions and your approach?

No doubt, I believe that Raz B’s story shouldn’t go untold at all, but he  should only involve others who are willing to come forth. Using trickery or tactful ways to get someone to cater to your needs is abuse in itself, and if Raz B is really searching for the truth, he should start by seeking therapy for himself. He is displaying the same principles of abuse that was forced onto him, but with a different style.

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