Sheree A ‘BHOA’, Ordered To Pay Back Over $100K

Sheree Whitfield

We all remember Sheree from the infamous question, “Who gon’ check me, boo?”

Well, looks like SOMEONE finally stepped to the challenge…

Recent news has deemed Sheree an official “BHOA: Broke Housewife of Atlanta”! This girl racks up more debt than the United States government! Dwayne Alexander, a private investigator, is now suing the famed housewife for approximately $29,000.00 (plus interest) for services rendered during her divorce from ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield. This lawsuit was slapped on just weeks after her Aston Martin was repossessed for yet ANOTHER lawsuit she never paid dues for.

The tenacious P.I. is NOT backing down; he has already written to the Bravo network, declaring to garnish Sheree’s ‘Housewife’ paycheck for services done, and further explains of her: “….I have all the documents to confirm that she has an outstanding balance …”  Of course, Sheree’s attorney states that Mr. Alexander’s claims are “void”, but…considering her situation (and bank account), Sheree should be the LAST person to talk about someone being “void”.

Oh, and about denying that $30,000 Dwight loaned her for ‘SHE’ by Sheree…Ms. Whitfield needs to shut her mouth…QUICKLY!

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