T.I. Tells All From His Jail Cell! AskDro Says, “Cocaine Lies!”

T.I. released to the Associated Press that he became hooked on drugs after a dental procedure last year.  T.I. I am sorry but you are not being truthful.   He stated that he was given pain medication for his  dental discomfort. When did they start giving “Purple Drank” at the dentist office? I have heard it all. T.I. this issue dates back a long time ago.  There is usually a progression to most addictions and by the time you get into the heavy stuff, it has been a few years coming.

T.I. reported that he is now clean (LMBO). You don’t have a choice at this time, you are in jail (Mandatory Detoxification) However, after your release, let us hear and see what you will do. Your veracity is once again challenged; in other words as Grandma would say, “Stop Lying!” Get out of the spotlight, let us try to forget your bad behavior and move-on.

In closing, I do believe that you should see a board-certified Psychiatrist. Not  just a therapist, but an actual physician who specializes in mental health, a Psychiatrist. Preferably me because you need a physician who is not afraid to confront your bad behaviors. Don’t do it on a reality show; just do it in private therapy.

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