The 11th Commandment: Pastors Thou Shall Not Facebook or Participate in a Threesome!

Rev. Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Church, NJ

Rev. Cedric Miller

Facebook is the Devil! Repent and deactivate you accounts! Well, not necessarily the exact words of Rev. Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship but very close. This New Jersey pastor  is pointing the finger at Facebook for the  large increase in marital problems with couples in his particular congregation. He’s even gone as far as trying to  force 50 married church leaders to delete their accounts or resign from their positions. Rev. Miller compares the social media site to ADULTERY – a pretty contentious comparison. He also plans on asking his congregation to delete their accounts as well. Facebook is an enterprising social networking tool and allows us to keep in touch with old friends while expanding our current networks. Is it right for the church to condemn Facebook (or even the internet in general) for lack of self-responsibility or accountability? By the way, Rev. Miller has his own Facebook page himself (he “plans” on deleting this weekend) that he uses for “keeping in touch with his kids.” Who’s to say members of this congregation aren’t using Facebook for that very reason as well? When it comes to privacy, churches may often overstep their boundaries. Has the Rev Miller-Facebook issue gone too far or might the issue be individual privacy in contrast to the church’s accountability? Is this legalism or foolishness: inquiring minds want to know?

Update this Pastor has just confirmed that his wife has had an extra-marital affair in the past before FACEBOOK.  Also, he, his wife and another male, from the church,  have participated in a threesome together in the past.  That is a hot mess! Be careful pastors secrets slip out when you try to condemn, just ask Bishop Eddie Long.  Talk about a paradox. Once again, foolishness from the pulpit.  My advice to this dude is “sweep around your own facebook porch.”  Many people use this as a form of social networketing and clean marketing. Sure there is an element of sexual escapade but,  “To thine ownself be true.” I am not about to pass judgment on anyone’s choices. Life is just to short and many of us need to get it together before we make the headlines of TMZ.

Do you think that Pastors and Church Leaders should delete their Facebook Accounts?  Do you think that “Sex in the Pulpit” is a series that needs to be revisited?  Is sexual immorality a thing of the present?  Please share your thoughts about this post…..

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