Update: The Eddie Long Scandal

Fox 5 News in Atlanta, confirmed that there are talks of  ”  possible mediation”  in February of  2011.  What could happen in this instance is that  Bishop Eddie Long and his 4 accusers would settle this matter out of the courts. I must be clear with my readers that mediation in no way defines “guilt.” What this means is that the  two sides are willing to utilize a trained court mediator to bring resolution to a matter, without a trial or the courts. In my opinion, this is the best possible scenario for all parties involved. I am sure that any court case, on this issue with Bishop Long, is bound to get nasty and more ugly, as the trial progresses. Moreover, Pastor Long would have four different trials in the Summer or Early Fall of 2011. This would probably exhaust both him and the church.  No I am not getting soft  in this matter, but there are innocent people that will be impacted by what I am sure would be a circus. (his church members, wife and family)

As it relates to the church, of course” financial giving is down” significantly. This should NOT be a surprise to any of us.   The New Birth MBC, the jewel of the south, is now furloughing some of its staff.  Also, rumor has it that there is a quiet constituency calling for Bishop Long’s resignation as Pastor.   The street committee reports that there is a petition moving throughout the sanctuary.  Now the protest, held down at the Capitol of Georgia, was with a bunch of lunatics.  They were not from New Birth MBC or even from Georgia.  His church is probably the most wounded by all that is occuring.  This fact, the circulating petition,  has not been confirmed but I am sure that Bishop Long does not have the 100% support of all church members.  This very fact can be confirmed by the” vote of no confidence” expressed by the pocketbooks of  some of the members if New Birth.  In the Black Church, we speak with our pocketbooks and wallets.  By the way Pastors, the Recession has been over!  If the giving is still down at your local church, you probably have a lot of disgruntled and unhappy members.

The saga continues and the lawyers are now on stage. Bishop Long’s answers to the lawsuit, appeared very generic and surface to me. The fat lady has not gotten dressed just yet, so stay tuned this case could get very interesting.

Ask DrO wants to know, “Do you think that Bishop Long should settle?”  (Post your comments here on the BLOG)

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