AskDrO: Live Longer Just By…STRETCHING?

Learn to live a healthier, fuller life!

YES…it sounds a little bizarre, but there is living proof that learning to breathe and stretch properly not only builds a resistance to harmful elements in the body, but also helps you to live LONGER. Yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch of New York explains the technique in which to succeed. Porchon-Lynch is 85+ years young (if you ask her), and has a fairly decorated life, including modeling couture in Paris, working as an actress in Hollywood, and most interestingly, walked with Mahatma Gandhi. She confesses that every breath is meant to “put you on the right path”, and to keep repeating “there is nothing I cannot do.” Breathing, she continues, is like walking a natural path of life. Either you will travel on it, gliding and jogging through, or you will get stuck in one place, concentrating on one aspect of the scenery which requires no focus at all.

Throughout her years, she has trained over 300 successful yoga instructors, directed her own Institute of Yoga, and recounted various tales of celebrity meetings and memories come and gone. Being a strong optimist, she also focuses on the idea that the most precious inspirations come when people think they can’t do something, and then there’s a smile on their face, because they actually CAN do it. For her, life has no “fear factor”, largely due to her breathing and yoga techniques which keep her mind and body clear of all stress and anxiety. As a result, all of her healthy habits and longevity in life is attributed to her “breathing” her way through life.

Breathing and stretching are excellent ways you can prevent mental stress from getting the best of you. However, if you find yourself unable to to prevent issues, you may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or anger issues and not know it. Take back your mental health; go to the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status!

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